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How's Maricar Reyes and the Sex Scandal?

June 23, 2009
The Maricar Reyes scandal really hits the internet with great heat as the traffic really kicks in to some websites (and even mine) because of the said issue. A lot of people online keeps on asking for the different parts of the sex video online which I can't provide even though I know how I could find it easily. I don't like to take part of the distribution of this scandalous video in any way that's why.

Regarding Maricar Reyes, I think she's doing her best to battle against the shame and negative publicity she is currently suffering by continuing the things she loves to do. Last Sunday, in a variety show in ABS-CBN, she surprises everybody when she appear as part of the small fashion show of the said TV show. She is still got the poise and the stunning beauty that a Maricar Reyes is. Actually, I think this should be the right attitude for this kind of situation. Just facing the music.


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