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Chris Arreola is Back at Williams vs. Martinez Boxing Match

December 4, 2009
Update: Chris Arreola won against Brian Minto via TKO at the 4th round while Paul Williams won in a majority decision against Sergio Martinez.

After losing against Vitali Klitschko last September 26, Chris Arreola is back as part of the class Williams vs. Martinez on December 5. He will be fighting against Brian Minto as the opening round for the 12-round middleweight match of Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez. The professional record of Arreola is 27-1, 24 KOs while Martinez is 34-2, 21 KOs. They will be fighting a 10-round match.

The main event fighters, Paul Williams has a professional record of 37-1, 27 KOs while Madrid-based Argentine Sergio Martinez has a 44-1-2, 24 KOs.

Here's the press release of HBO Boxing regarding the Martinez vs. Williams match:

You could call it a marriage of necessity. After Paul Williams defeated Winky Wright in April, it looked like "The Punisher's" best chance at getting another fight was picking one on the street. Likewise, his next opponent, Sergio Martinez, might as well be wearing a sign around his neck that reads "DANGER — KEEP AWAY," the way most boxers keep their distance from the fast and tricky lefthander.

The result has been a long stretch of inactivity for both fighters. Williams last fought almost eight months ago, while Martinez has been parked on the bench since February. On December 5th, the two much-avoided fighters will face off against each other. Read more


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