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Its Sad That Mosley vs Berto is Off!

January 24, 2010
I am really sad that the fight Mosley vs Berto is not going to continue as Berto back-off for the reasons of not mentally capable to fight Mosley because of what happened on Haiti where most of his family are affected by the horrible earthquake that hit the place recently. I like to see them both fight on the right and see how the two fighters with same skills but large age gaps will exchange punches.

Well, if the doors closed then other doors will surely open which comes right after they announced the cancellation of the fight. It seems that Mayweather Jr. already accepted the challenge of Mosley to fight him and the tentative schedule that they see for the fight to happen is on May 1. Mayweather gave up the idea of having a fight too on the same date of Pacquiao vs Clottey fight as the pinoy boxer got the rights from HBO and he got nothing left for the same date.

Well let see if Mosley will deliver an upset for Mayweather later.


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