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Where to Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 7?

August 2, 2010
True Blood season 3 episode 7 is entitled as "Hitting the Ground" as in it tells about what will be expected from the episode that will run tonight at 9pm E.T. August 1, 2010. Sookie will try to rescue Bill and this causes her to "hit the ground" with bloody neck run to the hospital. A consequence that she never considered in the first place when she tries to look for Bill. This is what is expected from TB S03E07 and you should watch it.

On the other hand this Tuesday will be another episode for PLL, the Pretty Little Liars episode 9 is entitled as "The Perfect Storm." Girls are taking the SAT but postponed because of the storm. What will happens next with the episode so watch out.

This weekend, one movie that you might want to watch is the Step Up 3d and The Other Guys. Two entertaining movie that will surely rock your world. Have fun guys!


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