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I Just Watched Resident Evil: Afterlife Yesterday

October 4, 2010

That's right! I got the chance to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife in theaters yesterday. Why? You might be asking that why is it just yesterday its been long weeks since its first release. Well, just this week that our theaters release it in our town. Yeah right we are far late than other cities around the world. Blame it to the people behind the entertainment industry in the country!

Actually, I have a chance to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife online but I did not grab the opportunity because I want to see Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter in action in big screen. That's why I go to theater with my family. Now what can I say about the new film, hmmm... I don't know if the problem is the theater or the musical score itself but it somewhat not that really appropriate for some scene and I am actually totally lost in the story specially right after she was injected to actually neutralize Alice powers. Did she really lost his psychic power? Maybe 'coz she wasn't able to use it through the rest of the film.

Now, the ending however shows and indicate that there will be another Resident Evil and Umbrella Corp. since to have a new device that controls mind. Let see if it will hit hard as its predecessors. Overall, I like Milla specially her make-up which I asked my wife how he still put it on despite the "end of the world" scenario. LOL :)

This week, I'll be staying at home to watch all my favorite TV series such as House, Supernatural and Smallville. Wohah! I would definitely gain weight this week specially got a week holiday here.


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