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Robert Kirkman: Spilling Humans Blood is Quite Easy

November 23, 2010
AMC’s gruesome creep’s population grows faster than the survivors think- perhaps they are better when it comes with populating. I don’t know what’s the cause of AMC’s zombie spree, well, scientific reason would fit the spot. T- virus, Rage Virus? Where did they get this stuff, but actually rabdo virus, the main cause rabies could really change the host’s thinking abilities. These zombie viruses is quite similar to rabdo virus, aside of change in thinking possibilities, behavior changes is also evident such as, hyrdorphobia and drooling.

But let’s skip on the virus thing anyway, similar what happened to the host seems that AMC’s zombie virus is infecting televiewers brains. I mean, The Walking Dead fans including me are creeping the internet just to gobble its weekly episode- that’s when I along with others missed the show. Robert Kirkman really knows how to draw carnage isn’t he? Definitely he knows how to spill human blood. He really is a good comic artist, as AMC’s adaptation really tracks Kirkman’s runway. Still it doesn’t clear to me where the zombie epidemic rotted from.

Anyway, let’s catch next episodes drift. It’s long wait ahead as The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5: Wildfire walks on AMC on the 28th of November. Last time’s episode ‘vatos’ really point to some gun- toting ‘vatus’ or dude. Considering the next episodes subtitle ‘Wildfire’, perhaps the episode would drop something like a raging conflagration in the plot- (maybe Rick will drop dead this time- just kidding!). No matter what it is, let’s just stick out eyes on it.

The survival scheme continues, as the group move out from their camp after a zombie attack, Rick Leads the pack into Atlanta’s disease control Center, Meanwhile Jim’s life is in jeopardy. I think, there’s a bloodbath to catch, so dare to watch it.


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