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Why I Will Watch Tron: Legacy?

November 11, 2010
New Tron Bike (2010 model)

Aside from the first installment of the highly expected Harry Potter movie, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 film, one of the movie that catches my attention is the sci-fi action film, Tron: Legacy. This is the reason why I took time to watch Tron. Yup, I watch the low-tech but very impressive story line of the 1982 high-tech movie. If you were born today, you'll see the old Tron as simple 2D with a great adventure idea. But if you will watch Tron: Legacy today, you will surely be impressed on how far the movie industry have gone far after you see the special effects and the 3D conversion of the new "Tron world."

Well, aside from the stunning new look of the film, the real reason why I want to watch it is because I want to find out what happens with the Flynn and his team after the incident. I know that Flynn got his game back and got what he deserves but I want to find out what happens with the "love triangle" Alan-Lora-Kevin? Hmmm... I can read it from Wiki but I refuse to because I like to watch the film and discover it from the movie. Well, I can wait until 17th of December for it, I am not in a rush.


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