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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 1 Airs with Castiel as Friend and Enemy!

September 23, 2011
Supernatural or sometimes I just call it as the Winchester show :), returns with a big blast of supernatural drama as the two brothers Dean and Sam will face a near perfect kind of frenemy. That's right the angel that was their best bud before is their greatest foe on Supernatural season 7. Right after Castiel possessed all the souls from the purgatory and gained power from them, he thinks now that he is the new god, a declaration that shocks the Winchester brothers.

It seems that Castiel have think about it and he is serious to play his part. Meanwhile, Sam is still in trouble coping with the facts that he is remembering his experiences in hell. Making him to have a very unstable psyche.

I will definitely watch Supernatural season 7 episode 1 tomorrow and will check if it promise great episodes. Aside from that I have a feeling that this is the last season of this TV show. What do you think? There's no story left for them and its about time to end it.

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Shown below is the Supernatural's new 7th season poster where the center of image is Cas:


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