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Breaking Bad Returns with Season 5 Episode 1

July 20, 2012
The good guy that turns to a really bad kicking guy is back with Breaking Bad returns from AMC on TV last July 15, 2012. (See details of where to watch the episode and synopsis of the series via The episode continues with the last season of the series which is the fifth season where as Walt deals with the aftermath of the Casa Tranquila explosion, Hank works to wrap up his investigation of the empire of Gus.

It was announced in the Comic Con 2012 that there's a possibility that the episode will go beyond the planned sixteen episodes for the story goes as it is crazily goes down to the life of Walter right after the various happening in his life.

 Next week, it will be another BREAKING BAD episode which details can be found at The title of the first episode of 5th season is "Live Free or Die" while the second one is entitled as "Madrigal" and set to air Sunday, July 22nd on AMC. More television shows information and episode guide can be found at - an online portal of television entertainment information. Enjoy!


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