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July 1, 2012
Well, your Sunday night will be a great night to remember with beer and popcorn on the side as the newest episode of the vampire series, True Blood season 5 season 4 will air this Sunday night. The episode title is WE'LL MEET AGAIN which air date is July 1st of 2012. In this 4th episode of the series, Bill and Eric will try to find person that have an idea about the disposable of Russell Edgington. Here's the rest of the story as described and provided by the TV guide website
Pam tries to be a good maker for her new progeny. However, Pam wonders what will be her relationship with her own. Patrick and Terry hunt for a former comrade while Roman try to search for a traitor in his inner circle. Sam, on the other hand, was visited by some old friends and a judge takes Jason and Andy to an exclusive club.
TRUE BLOOD is a television series from HBO that airs every Sunday night. It stars Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. The series is based on the novel The Southern Vampire Mysteries.

The following shows the promo trailer of True Blood season 5 episode 4 - We'll Meet Again plus the three sneak preview of the episode.

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