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I Want to Watch Wolverine Already!!!

June 17, 2013
I've been a fan of the X-Men ever since I was in secondary school. I've watched the uncanny X-Men animation as broadcast in the local channel in the country. And when the X-Men was created into a non-animated movie I was so excited already. Specially those heroes that I've been watching in 2D cartoons is now alive. Thank you for technology for that for they give justice to bringing life the one story that I really love to see in big screen. Now with the X-Men Last Stand and First Class ended, I was really excited when they announced that there will be a a sequel of Wolverine: Origin and it will be a sequel to the previous X-men movie. Of course Hugh Jackman still reprises the role of Logan aka Wolverine. This time, the setting will be in Japan where Wolverine will try to beat his immortality and facing various foes that threatens his existence. I really want to watch Wolverine movie and I want it on 3D.


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