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TV Shows to Watch This Sunday, June 16th 2013

June 16, 2013
The following are the TV shows that you can watch on TV, US & UK:

  • True Blood - the 6th season of the series premieres tonight with "Who Are You Really?" episode which shows how Bill become what he is after consuming all the blood that he can take from Salome from the last season. The series will be composed of 10 episodes instead of 12 compared to the previous True Blood season. The series is known for having some sexy scenes from the main character, Sookie with the other creatures of the night from Vamps to Shapeshifters. List of True Blood season 6 episodes at Telepisodes.
  • The White Queen - this is a British historical-drama series that centers with 3 women who is behind the scenes in the history shaping during the "War of The Roses." Airs on BBC-One and expected to reach the US via Starz later in August. Watch The White Queen at now!
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians - this reality series that features the life of the Kardashian family surely amazes a lot of viewers. They are waiting for the next Kardashian, that is the baby of Kim. This series airs on E! every Sunday night. Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online.
  • Falling Skies - alien invasion continues with this original TNT series created by one the great director / producer of all time Steven Spielberg. Well, of course its human revolution against the alien invaders!
For more shows to watch this Sunday night, check the full TV schedule at Enjoy your Sunday guys!


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