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How Much It Will Cost to Watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley This Weekend?

May 5, 2011
In my coffee escapades this week, I have seen several costs and options to watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley and you'll be amazed how it cost here in our place and how they market this match in different places. One place that I have found , sells ticket to watch the fight is a coffee and sports bar which offers several freebies and wide screen to watch the pay per view match with a ticket price of P350.00 (which is about $9). There are a lot of establishment here in the country that offers viewing of this match this weekend.

Meanwhile, I found several banners all over the city announcing a live free viewing of the fight in the sports gym of the city as prepared by the city and provincial officials. They usually this every time that Manny fights and they are using big screens (via digital projector) to let hundreds of constituents to witness the bout live.

You might be asking if where will I watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley. Well, I usually watch it online but this year, I'll be watching it through the PPV that I get from a local digital TV provider here in our place. It costs me about P550 ($13) but at least I will not suffer from disconnection. I usually use PLDT WatchPad last year but I just don't understand this year the details of the offer of their service. It is just not clear if it will cost me something or what so I gave the idea.

How about you, where you will watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley this weekend?


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