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Supernatural 6 Finale - I Must Watch!

May 19, 2011
Well, my favorite series Supernatural on CW will be coming into its ending this Friday and I am really eager to watch it. I have read from that the series will be a 2 episode finale which starts with the Let It Bleed episode which is Supernatural season 6 episode 21 which will be followed by The Man Who Knew Too Much as the last and 22nd episode of Supernatural.

The saga of the angel's war is about to end but it seems that it will break both of the Winchester brothers. Why? Well, it seems on episode 21 Ben and Liza are both in trouble. These two are the other people that is very important and close to Dean's heart aside from his brother Sam, his angel friend Castiel and father-like friend Bobby. On the next episode, it Sam's turn and it is much complicated because his memory of hell returned and it begin to destroy his psyche while the angels are commencing the final phase of their battle. It is so difficult to handle as they need Sam to be in good form to face this big challenge ahead but it seems that they can't do about this fact.

Now I am wondering what will happens next? I have also found out from the same site that there will be season 7 of Supernatural and I wonder what will be the next story and horror that they will introduce next. Well, Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles will be back I guess after this finale, is on October or later this year. This is the reason why I will not surely miss this Season 6 finale!


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