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How to Watch Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Online - Triggerfinger?

February 19, 2012
If you are looking for methods on how to watch The Walking Dead episodes, then you might want to read my previous post regarding this matter. Just browse down and you'll find a post entitled "Where to Watch The Walking Dead Episodes Online" and it contains a detailed explaination on watching the show.

Now if you are looking on how to watch The Walking Dead season 2 episode 9 entitled "Triggerfinger" then read on. I will discuss this episode and then the method on watching it. First, you should know that this will air this Sunday night (remember its in Eastern Time, just Google "New York" time and you will have an idea on what time it is already).

Lets proceed with what to expect from this "Triggerfinger" episode. I am expecting a one of hell gunfight between the group of Rick, Glenn and Hershell against the dead walkers and the living one. That's right there are new group of survivors and they are not that friendly like Hershell. They will definitely kill to survive (sounds like Shane huh). Tsk, more blood on this episode.

On the technical part on watching this episode, you should make sure that you have flash or Divx Web player. You can read the FAQ of to see on where to download this browser plug-ins.

I guess you're ready now to watch The Walking Dead season 2 episode 9. Good luck and happy watching!


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