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I Can't Stop Laughing with The Other Guys

August 14, 2010
I really deserve this laugh out loud this weekend that's why I watch The Other Guys and really made me a real ROTFL watching it. It stars one of my favorite action star Mark Wahlberg and the comedy "giant" Will Ferrell, a combination that I wasn't thinking that would happen. I can accept Mark Wahlberg to be a detective but Will Ferrell, the wacky guy with green boots the last time that I remember him in a Christmas film, that's hilarious right.

Well its really thumbs up for this The Other Guys movie and I think a lot of people agreed to me as the theaters was filled with laughs and throwing of popcorns because unexplainable fun. Now, this coming week, I'll watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World - yet another comedy film plus high-tech stunning special effects like a computer game. I will blog about this later after I watched it guys.

By the way, this Sunday True Blood season 3 episode 9 with an episode title "Everything is Broken" will be at its peak of its season and I will surely watch it on TV but if I fall asleep before its showing then I will just watch its replay online at How about you, what's your weekend getaway on TV or movies?


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