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What so Special with Step Up 3D?

August 7, 2010
You might be wondering why they made Step Up movie in 3D. The new sequel to Step Up and Step Up 2 the Street film is about to be released in full 3D in selected theaters worldwide and besides the 3D eye glasses and stunning surround sound that will surely rock your world, the stunning crisp of graphics and dance steps will be life like. A movie that you will surely will not forget the steps and will surely dance to the groove.

If in case you still want to watch the traditional 2D and watch Step Up 3D online via streaming then you might go to movie websites that might provide Megavideo, CinShare or zShare version of this film. Of course, if I will be asked which one to prefer, well I'll be watching the whole film in 4D so that the dance experience for this film would be very great. How about you, how would you watch Step Up 3D?


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