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Living in a High-Tech World Changes the Viewing Experience of Man

October 26, 2010

Man have gone through miles of changes in technology. I have remembered when I was very young, we are watching TV shows in black and white television. We are really happy whenever we saw our favorite shows with this two color monochromatic viewing. When the colored TV came, viewing experience became much better as we appreciate the beauty of the real thing shown in a small box.

Today, the technology have gone so far that you can't even remember the old days B&W TV. Now you can watch TV shows online or even watch movies online via different ways. There is that Apple TV which allows you to stream videos. Softwares that let you connect on TV and movie providers via online streaming. This things became possible because of the invention of computers.

I even saw my favorite TV series and movies through this digital means. Some of the series that I have been watching online were the anime Naruto, Bleach and the horror/thriller Supernatural and the exciting crime busting series, CSI (from Las Vegas, New York to Miami).

Entertainment is simply easy today and we owe this to the existence of the small chip head computers.

High-definition television also exists today which allows you to watch anything in high number of pixels making a detailed appearance of every character that you see. Three headed cables right now is replaced by the single headed HDMIs making it very easy to install. Ah, I am just imagining right now what will entertainment world will look like after ten years. We might see a holographic version or 3D televisions that doesn't require wire or cable providers to operate. Oh well, let see what will be in line in the future!


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