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Truth vs. The Harvest this Friday Night

October 29, 2010
That's right! The Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean in Supernatural season 6 episode 6 will be dealing with the  God of Truth as Dean was victimized and will face a painful fact on this episode. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark will face another danger in their Halloween special, the Harvest as like the children of the corn movie where both are in the remote area in Smallville season 10 episode 6.

What I love with this two series, Smallville and Supernatural, is how they put humor and excitement to stories like this one. But what I found most intriguing is Sam's unusual and very mysterious smile on the Twi-hard episode. I really don't understand how he reacted on situations that put Dean in danger.

By the way, you can watch Saw 3D this weekend to complete the Halloween feeling. My Soul To Take and Monsters are also showing this Friday in selected theaters in the US so there's a lot to choose before the night party. Me, I'll wear my 3D glasses and go for Jigsaw. I don't want to miss this finale!


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