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3 TV Series to Watch This Weekend

January 25, 2011
A lot of people stay late for couple of weeks now, it is because of NFL fever is in the air and almost all of them watch it. But as the fever fades, the TV shows/series that I love to watch returns. This post will try to introduce to you to those shows coming back from holiday break.

  1. The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 12 - the title of the returning episode is The Descent. Honestly I am not sure if the title got a connection with a movie that I know with the same title. But the return of Elena, Stefan, Damon and others makes me really impatient but I think its worth a wait.
  2. Supernatural season 6 episode 12 - this episode for the last season of the series is entitled as "Like A Virgin" - yeah just like Madonna's song. What I like about this is it will show how the body of Sam reacted to the return of his soul from hell.
  3. Smallville seaso 10 episode 12 - Collateral is the episode title of the first episode of Clark Kent/Superman series for 2011. It will be a complicated situation for Chloe, Oliver and Clark.
Now, all of these TV series are available to watch this weekend and I already reserved those dates for me to take a relaxing watch mode for the said date. How about you, are you one of those who's waiting for this return of amazing series?


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