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No Strings Attached - Are You IN for That Kind of Love?

January 19, 2011
Valentines Day is coming and I think almost everyone got their plans for this lovely day or sometimes it takes week/s. Now, there's a kind of relationship that doesn't want to commit just as the same as the newest film by Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher which is entiteld as No Strings Attached. Have you ever gone to that kind of situation? and if you're the one who already fall in love, do you agree with this situation or just lift the boundary and takes the step to commit?

Personally, I don't like a 'no strings attached' situation. Maybe you can call me traditional or old fashion but I believe that if you do something for someone and you like each others company then having strings around you would be fine for me. I am not possessive but if I believe that she'll be happy that she is securely with me then I'm fine with any kind of setup as long as I love her.

Now, with the film No Strings Attached, I think the playboy got his own doze of meds when he met someone who doesn't like 'strings' as he usually does specially when he realizes that he wants to live with her forever. A love story that I will surely watch 'coz I just want to see if things work out with them.

How about you would you watch it?


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