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My Donaire vs. Montiel Result Prediction

February 10, 2011
This coming Sunday (Saturday in eastern time Feb. 19, 2011), Nonito Donaire will be facing one of the most difficult fighter ever in his entire boxing career in the name of the Mexican boxer, Fernando Montiel.

I believe that the fight will be very interesting and both fighters got 50-50 percent chance to win so a chance of split draw might happen. Of course both fighters will not allow this to happen but the start of the Donaire vs. Montiel fight will possibly begin with slow paces where each fighters measuring each other. However, in the 2nd to 3rd round flying of punches and both fighters will start to exchange blows.

I predict that the fight will end on 4th to 6th round where the possible victor is Donaire and he will win via KO which will be delivered by a counter punch which will be unsee by Montiel.

How about you, who will you think will win on the Donaire vs. Montiel boxing event? Well place your vote via the poll/survey on this article.


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