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I Want a 7th Season for Supernatural Series

February 10, 2011
I am really a follower of Supernatural series of CWtv. The genre of the series really fit to my preferences for a TV entertainment and with its several episodes left on TV, I am really eager to find out if there's 7th season for this series. This week, the series will be airing the Supernatural season 6 episode 13 entitled "Unforgiven" which will touch on Sam returning his memory when he return from the dead and his real soul wans't back yet.

I think it will be a bad situation for Winchester brothers as someone from Sam's past asked them to return where his first mission started.

The intrigued and the creative twist of story of the series made me to asks for more of the series. However, I am just wondering if what will be the story next. I feel that there's nothing left but of course the writer might have something in mind but its too far to think of. By the way, I have read from that Supernatural season 6 will be airing its 2-hour finale on the 20th of May so two more months to cherish every single Friday with Sam and Dean.

How about you are asking for 7th season for this series too? Let us know and leave your comment below.


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