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Suicide is not the Solution, There's More to Life

February 8, 2011
When I read about the news on regarding the suicide of a big name in the country, I was really shock about it. How come a strong guy who undergone several challenges and break several obstacles during his life commit such thing. I am not judging but I believe that there's other way to face the pressures given to him. He should at least come clean and try to be part of the CHANGE that we are hoping for the country. However, I guess he believes that ending his life will end it all. But I think he's wrong about it. What do you think his family will think about it. Its ok that he died because he so old or killed as a hero but not like this.

There's more to life even his old already. Well, it just can't be undone. If someone ends his life, he just can't do about it but he just left something behind and that is sorrows ad pain for his loved ones. I am really feeling sorry about what happen and I hope that things goes right after this. I am still hopeful about the situation of the country. I should!


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