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Valentines Week 2011: What To Watch?

February 14, 2011
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Its Valentines week and everyone are surely got their own dates but for those who loves to watch TV series, they will surely missed a lot of things because of the dates and parties all night. That's why there are sites like that allows viewers to watch the replay episodes of different TV shows and even movies today.

One of the famous series that people might want to look at is the Justin Bieber special of Glee season 2 episode 13 which is showing on TV this Tuesday night, Feb. 15. Sam takes a hair style of the young pop singer and gonna his famous single "Baby" while Sue takes a musical leap on this episode.

Aside from this musical show, on series that people are ready for watching is the exciting vampire continuation of The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 15 where Damon will try to catch Elijah via a dinner party set as a special trap for him.

You can also check on V season 2 episode 6 which is an alien series and its about to reach its penultimate episode where the visitors aka aliens are about to respond to the movement of the resistance that is called The Fifth Column. It will surely be a bloody messy night for the human race.

How about you, what would want to watch this Valentines week of 2011?


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