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Doctor Who Returns While Game of Thrones Continues to Wow Us!

April 22, 2011
The Eleventh Doctor is back with the season premiere of Doctor Who season 6 episode 1 on Saturday night which episode title is "The Impossible Astronaut" - I really miss this show. The last time that I saw this guy was last Christmas with their special episode which introduces the next thing to expect from this long running sci-fi TV show. Well, based on what I have read it will be another time travelling adventure for the Doctor with his companions just to find the answers or more questions on the destruction of the TARDIS. Well kids and kids at heart will surely love the next to come from this show specially that lots of new and old characters will be featured.

Meanwhile, fans and readers of the RR Martin's novel were pretty impressed with the TV adaptation of the Game of Thrones as the pilot episode shows a stunning show of each major cast that will compose the kingdoms and noble guys that will be fighting for a certain throne. Now this Friday, Game of Thrones episode 2 - The Kingsroad will be airing and I will definitely want to miss this one.

How about you, will you watch this amazing series or just stay with Supernatural and Smallville which both are about to meet the final moment of existence in television? What now?


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