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What TV Series to Watch This Week of April 2011?

April 11, 2011
A lot of amazing show take rest for almost a month and most of them will return with a big bang this week. The first series to watch this week is Glee season 2 episode 17 which is entitled as "A Night of Neglect" which is the aftermath episode of the victory of the New Directions glee club. Its more of Gwyneth Paltrow and I think the character of Charice as Sunshine will also return.

Next in line is the return of Clark Kent aka Superman with Smallville season 10 episode 17 where it will be a night of the Kent as Mama and Daddy Kent returns while the future super boy will find the light side of his being as he becomes the superhero that we know.

Now, last but not the least is the return of the Winchester brothers with Supernatural season 6 episode 17 with a "titanic" title of My Hearth Will Go On which will air this Friday night. It will be an aftermath of the deaths of the hunter from the last week and more blood will be shed as they confront the "mother of all."

If I'll be asked if which of these three would I want most, well, honestly I love mysteries, dark stories and humorous drama like those of Supernatural so its obvious I'll definitely get a full view of Supernatural this Friday night.

How about you?


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