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"True Blood" Series Also Returns This June 2012

May 25, 2012
Aside from Teen Wolf series that will return this June of 2012 (as I have mentioned at: Teen Wolf Returns with 2nd Season Premiere "Omega") , yet another monster show will return on night viewing and I am referring to the True Blood TV show which is on its 5th season already. The series which stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell, gain some tremendous followers as the writers try to extend more of the story aside from the vampire arc.

A lot of things have changed on the series and Sookie's character have been extended well to make more story about her and the people around her. She started as a normal hot waitress from a small town into a powerful fairy that can kill or heal "vampire disease." The story became complicated and more interesting as goes on and since the people behind this show knows that it is picked up by audiences, then they have this 5th season.

There's no telling yet if this will be the last drop for the True Blood series. Well, maybe they will be waiting for its performance this season. Turn, Turn, Turn is the episode name of the season 5 premiere of the episode which is schedule to air on June 10th.

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