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Where to Watch 90210 Season 4 Finale Online?

May 15, 2012

I guess you already know that the TV series 90210 will be having its fourth season finale this Tuesday night on The CW. Well, the ending of the series which is the 24th episode of the season follows Max wedding and some shocking happenings that lead them to ponder things. Like Naomi's announcement that she will be unable to oversee the wedding of Max because she just accepted a job in New York and she needs to leave immediately. Aside from that, Teddy comes back to town. Meanwhile, Dixon return from touring immediately to give another shot of his relationship with Adriana but then he fails to show up at their meeting spot. On the other hand, Silver feels like she has to choose between Navid and Liam and makes a life-changing decision.
Well, we all knew that these are the important things that will happen on the finale and every 90210 fans are already expecting this but of course you still want to find websites to watch this 90210 final episode.

As always, I recommend that you go to which is a video link search engine that let you search and watch TV shows like the 90210. Just go to your browser and the type the website address and you'll be there.

Update: By the way, The CW recently announced that there will be a 5th season for 90210 so fanatics out there watch out for the return of this show on the next season. :)


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