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Where to Watch Cotto vs. Mayweather Fight Online?

May 4, 2012
Mayweather vs. Cotto Super welterweight fight is one of the highly anticipated match of the year aside from the Pacquiao vs. Bradley match up. Floyd as we all know is still undefeated and a lot of boxers and challengers out there wants her head very much. But this guy is really difficult to convince to fight as he is very selective and a lot of condition should be met before he and his camp totally agrees. That includes a mandatory drug test and the higher percentage in earning both from PPV and/or guaranteed prize.

However, the organizers of this event have done so much in making the boxing event billed as Ring Kings as very interesting as possible and marketable as possible. That's why a lot of boxing enthusiasts are looking forward in watching this. Me I have already prepared on May 5th for it and ready my PPV subscription ready to watch the fight. I'm just afraid of possible power interruption as the power provider here in our place got stability issues in the past few days. I am just crossing my fingers.

 Now where to watch Cotto vs. Mayweather fight live online or replay later? It is simple, you can try checking links from, or this Mayweather vs Cotto fan site blog:

The following shows the fight preview of Cotto vs. Mayweather from HBO Sports channel in Youtube.



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