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Whew! I'm Back but What Now?

February 7, 2015
I've rested for a couple of years blogging and now I'm back! If you're asking why I stopped? Well, I need to get a rest and study a lot of stuff along the way. Since a lot had happened in my making money online adventure, both fails and success, I decided to have a little pause to give way to my personal life without blogging.

Now that I'm back in the blogging business and the digital rant world,what will be my ever first project for this year. I want to begin a new series of topic to tackle in the site. For now, I've been reading stuff about getting started again. One of the video I've came while browsing the web is the video tips by Serzfus where I got a great info on how to name my startup or business.

Here's the video with the link on where to find the complete tips:

The infographic below summarizes everything about what the Serzfus Startup Technology business tip is all about.

For now, this is it and will later return for more topics about business and education. Have a nice day everyone!


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