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I'll Gonna Watch Knight and Day by Tom and Cameron

June 22, 2010
That's right! They've announced that the action-comedy movie by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will be out earlier than it was previously set. The Knight and Day will be out for a bite on June 23 instead of the original release date June 25. This is due to the warm "welcome" of this film by the different movie critics and movie goers. The buzz is that it will hit hard on the chart and will be one of the great movie that you'll definitely don't want to miss.

In this film, Cameron Diaz met Tom Cruise who is a spy and that's when her life started to complicate. The adventure, action and the funny side of Tom and Cameron was shown on this newest film. The last time that I saw them both on the same movie was the Vanilla Sky and really love to watch them once again.

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