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Making your Blogs to Load Fast

February 26, 2009
Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009: Make Blog to Load FastDo you know why is it important to make your blog to loads fast? It is because it enhances the user experience. Blog that immediately shows the content of the site makes your visitors to stay on the blog and not losing their patient waiting for something to come up in the blog. In this post, I will discuss several practical things a blogger should do with their blogs to make it much faster to load. This tweaks and tips that I will include on this are applicable to any blogging platform on the web today such as Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Calliope and others.
  1. Use smaller size graphics. I am not referring to the dimension of the image but the file size of the image to use on every posts. Larger pictures loads slower compared to smaller size images. That is why it is recommended to use image types that uses the higher file compression but not losing its picture quality. JPEG files possesses such quality, that is why I am using it instead of other types but if I need graphics that does not lose its transparency and image quality, I use PNG instead. Wise choice of images will increase the load rate of the blog of almost 70% from unoptimized images.
  2. Avoid Javascript rich widgets/gadgets. Some widgets ( or gadgets ( that uses Javascripts makes the load of the pages of the site slower compared to non-javascript widgets. If it is not necessary try to avoid it.
  3. Don't populate your blogs with too much 3rd-party ads. 3rd-party advertisers are good way of earning online, however if your pages contains too much advertisers, it will slow down the site. It is because the site needs to fetch information from other websites before loading the actual page. Aside from that some readers are annoyed with too much ads on the site making them to leave immediately when they see this swarming ads.
These minor tweaks on your blogs can really make a difference on how long your visitors will stay and it will also increase the frequency the guests of going back that will eventually become a regular readers of your site.

This tip is intended for the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 community. Subscribe to my RSS feeds to have a fresh web feeds every time I make post. Later, I will try to provide a means of allowing you my readers to an email subscription scheme so that my posts on this blog will be delivered directly to your inboxes.


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