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February 16, 2009
I'm really busy with my projects but I still want to find time to share some ideas to the blogging community in the province of Capiz. I just want to spread the good words of blogging and internet opportunities to every single Capiznon speaking native of Capiz. That's why I am planning to prepare several blogging video tutorials during my free time containing some of the tips I have gathered from the cyberspace and how to apply it with their current blogs on An example of this video is as shown below:

Here's the Dailymotion version of the said video:

or you could try to view it on Youtube version instead:

As you can see from the tutorial, it doesn't have any voice nor text remarks on it yet since I've just made it a while ago and upload it to Dailymotion/Youtube so that I could provide sample of my video tutorial plans. Aside from that, I am still looking for a video editing tool so that I could embed text instruction and / or voice over to the video. If you have any suggestion about the tutorials here or you want to share something the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 community, just drop your comments and I will try to consider them.


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