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Capiznon Blogger on Playing Chess

February 21, 2009
Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 - My MedalToday, I participated a local chess competition here in Capiz called Ret. General Roberto T. Lastimoso "General Strategy" Chess Tournament and successfully got 4 points out of 5 games making me to get the 4th place. I did not attend our MSCS seminar in Iloilo City and preferred to play instead to this Capiz Chess Association, Inc. organized tournament. CCA is a chess organization in the province of Capiz which is the only organization to be affiliated with the national chess organization, NCFP (National Chess Federation of the Philippines).

I really missed playing and actually did not participate our last chess tournament last February 14 because I have my report on our MSCS in Iloilo that day so I am obliged to attend. Actually feel bad that I wasn't able to participate this test of wit and strong nerves. That's why today, I make sure that I will not miss this game despite the fact that I am not practicing and playing much chess lately because of my several hectic activities and as a blogger, I have several blogs to maintain. For your information, this chess tournament is a in exclusive tourney for Capiznon players who will be representing the province on regional chess tournaments. The competition aimed to find top 10 best players of Capiz and luckily got the 4th place.

I really like this tournament not because I won a place but because it given me a certain feeling of relaxation. I know it causes some sort of stress but as I said to a Capiznon friend, the game of chess seems to massage my brain cells making it to work much better. It's like oiling the different cells to move on its maximum capacity. Allowing me to formulate a lot of ideas. I will discuss in detail about this Capiznon chess event on my chess blog later. I am quite tired right now and my head really aches. Maybe because I have less sleep for several days already and I overuse my brain juices today with the said tournament. Needs to rest guys! :)

- Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009


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