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Guys I am Back!

January 13, 2010
Guys I am back again in one piece! After I apply for reconsideration the other month, the pagerank that lost on the last update came back. My PageRank 3 is back and I am really glad that it happens. Despite, some of my "nice posts" weren't back yet on its proper ranking, I am still happy that Google consider the site. Now, I am planning to discuss other topics here for 2010 like the following theme or topic:

1. About Filipino traditions and culture - I know that I made already a "sikat ang pinoy" portal the other year which can be found at but I still want to write something here in English of course so that I could spread the good words about my countrymen.

2. Latest games from Facebook - I've been blogging it for quite a while now specially the popular Farmville but I like to update it with the newest and no players yet games. I will research for it later and will post some of the information about them.

3. Car Tips - I am acquiring a new car (Toyota Vios 1.5s) and I am still practicing my driving skills so I decide to blog about my experience about it later.

4. My Favorite TV Series - I like watching them and I am planning to feature it here too but I am still thinking if I could still provide time for it.

Now that will be enough for now, I will still include more random stuff here later.


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