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Pacquiao vs Clottey Profitable Than Pacquiao vs Mayweather?

January 31, 2010
It seems that a lot of people are talking about the upcoming fight - Pacquiao vs Clottey which is expected to have a big bang on March 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas. Aside from this buzz, people are talking about how profitable the fight is. A lot of people are saying that Mayweather vs Pacquiao is much profitable as two fighters are crowd pleaser and takers. However, Pacman's group are doing their best to make the Clottey vs Pacquiao very interesting and put it in a bigger location. In a football stadium that can accommodate thousands of fans from all over US.

Now, its almost February and it seems that team Pacman is doing great in making "The Event" a real event to remember. For me, I will definite watch Pacquiao vs Clottey as it will surely show how Pacquiao can really defend his title and honor. I believe that it will be a tough and close fight but in the end it will be the champ will jump and say thank you because of his impressive victory.

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Now back to the question on which of Mayweather or Clottey fight will be much profitable. I will go for Pacquiao vs Mayweather of course. It is still for me, I think will be the richest fight but not really that amazing one. But the Clottey match might make a history and that's what we are looking right now.


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