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Farmville Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Codes on Facebook / iPhone

January 27, 2010
Farmville is a social game that I found on Facebook and currently played by a lot of my acquaintances and friends on the site. Its created by Zynga for iPhone and Facebook. Its considered to be one of the most popular game on Facebook as it reaches over 10 million players around the globe. My friends in school are actually very into it, that's why I try to look for cheat codes for this game so that I could help them with their farming venture on the said game.

Honestly, I am not into it. I prefer playing chess but I am trying to play Farmville so that I could manage to "relate" myself whenever they (my friends) are talking about it. Here's what I have found from the net regarding some cheat codes for Farmville (by the way I am not recommending that you use this cheats, use it at your own risk and discretion). Here's the video demonstrated in a video in Youtube, Good luck!:

This is a cool trick, must see:

For Farmville tips, tricks, cheats and other strategies to become an expert Farmville player, you can try the following recommended websites:

You can also try the e-book tips and tricks from the sidebar of this blog.


Anonymous said...

On Ipod change date and time when you've planted your crops no wait XD

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