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TV Series to Watch This Week

January 25, 2010
I love watching different TV Series today. Specially those horror, fantasy and action genres. Some of the series that I like is the Supernatural, Smallville, CSI, Human Target and a lot more.

Now here are some of the latest episodes of my favorite series and some of the things that I expect from them.

1. Heroes Season 4 Episode 17 - The Art of Deception. Sylar is becoming more confuse and afraid to die alone. He visited Parkman to seek help or to get his revenge?

2. Human Target Season 1 Episode 3 - Embassy Row - Chance got mixed up with the embassy and so who and how important is the VIP right now?

3. Supernatural Season 5 Episode 12 - Swap Meat - Sam got swapped and change body with a nerd with a spell. How can he back from his original body and deal with this situation.

4. Smallville Season 9 Episode 10 - Disciples - Its the premiere episode of the Superman series of this year. Its Disciples and Oliver Queen seems to be in trouble cause by his previous mentor, Dark Archer.


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