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Pet Society Cheats and Tricks with Secrets Revealed

February 5, 2010
Pet Society is one of the popular game in Facebook today. It seems that every account on FB is using and enjoying the stuff on this community flash game. This game came from and through this game you can decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends and connection whenever you visit them or vis versa.

Inside this society, you can play various games that you will surely enjoy. Now, if you are looking for a cheat, I found this video from Youtube that contains a cheat but requires you to have a cheat engine which is not allowed by the game host. However, I just want to share it to you just for fun.

However, if you don't want this one because you find it difficult or foul, you can read the Pet Society Secrets. With this in a matter of weeks, you can possibly own the largest house, leveled up pet, wear limited edition clothes, have the most expensive items, maxed out Playfish Cash, earned the every trophy and still you'll haver 1 million coins Left. Just go at > PET SOCIETY SECRETS for this information.


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