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Shutter Island on Friday - Will I Watch It?

February 17, 2010
This coming Friday, February 19, there will be a new movie that will be on theaters. Its a drama, mystery and thriller type of movie from the award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio entitled Shutter Island. I like to watch films like this and nowadays it is just too difficult to find some that really makes me to think on what really happens. The last time that I felt the word "fear" was the "Final Destination" movie. I don't like movies that contains a lot of hacking and bloody scenes but I prefer movies that plays in your mind and really makes you think "Hey What Happen?"

This is the reason why I will watch Shutter Island on Friday or later, on theaters or possibly through online streaming. However, I am still reading some reviews of the movie and some of them criticized the movie negatively. Well, I usually I don't believe immediately in reviews like this and watch it for myself before I conclude that a certain movie really sucks or really hits hard. In this case, I am expecting so much on the movie. I hope I won't be disappointed.


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