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Introducing the New Boxing Site:

February 5, 2010
Recently, I acquire a new (cheap, yet) nice domain name that is relevant to one of the sports that I really love to watch. I am referring to my new Its a website that contains several information regarding upcoming boxing events plus some classic matches of great boxers of the world.

It's new and there's a lot of things to do on the site. Right now, it covers the two biggest fight event of the year. The Pacquiao vs. Clottey "The Event" boxing match and the Mayweather vs. Mosley. It will be the initial appearance of this site in covering the said match. News and updates will be posted on the site as it progress its life on the web.

Unlike my very own Sikat Ang Pinoy  (located at which is written in Tagalog and focuses on pinoy heroes, the site only focuses on the boxing heroes of different country.


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