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Merriconeag Circus Arts Summer Camp

March 31, 2010
Merriconeag - Waldorf school in Maine  in association with Smircus Freeport and Spacial Dynamics Institute announced about the Circus Arts Summer Camp event on August 9 to 13 this year for children ages 10 and up. The registration fee for the said summer camp will be $200 and kids are expected to learn the art of clowning, theater, mime, juggling, rola-bola, unicycling and much more. The said event is led by John Saccone and other guest artists. See the poster below for the contact number and email address for more information about the said event.

 I am wondering what will be the summer camp for Waldorf high school students? Hmm... I will just update you later guys for any news about it, if there's any.


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