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ITC Sales UK Store's Great Price and My Aunt in Law

March 27, 2010

Inspiron 1720 Series from ITC Sales UK Store
My Aunt-in-Law have been working in London for almost 3 years now and we (I and my wife) usually communicate with her using Facebook and YM. Recently she asked for my advice on what and where to buy a new laptop. I told her that she can place an order through ITC Sales UK Store. Based on what I have researched about the company and the experiences of the majority of their clients. ITC Sales - being a partner of the one of the biggest producers of high-end computers, Dell and HP, have been providing the most practical and high-quality PC in the UK today.

I find the ITC Sales UK Store much highly reputable and reliable compared to other stores I found on the net today that is near on my Aunt's place in London.

I told my Aunt to just get a Inspiron Mini 1011 with an Atom N270 processor and 10.1 inch Widescreen. I believe that the specification of the aid PC is just enough for the mere purpose of using it for communicating with her family. However, she wants a much wider screen so I found this nice Dell lap top from ITC Sales and told her to get the Dell Inspiron 1720 which has a 17" Widescreen. I also asked her to request for Windows 7 to be installed on the system and I think the ITCSales can arrange that for her.

Right now, she told us that she'll be ordering next week on the said company and she told us that she got a really good experience with the customer service of ITC Sales. Well I just said, "I told you so!" :)

Here are some of the information about how to have an update about the ITCSales company's offer and recent updates through their Twitter accounts and blogs:
  • Follow ITCSales on Twitter
  • ITC Sales Blog
  • ITC Group - ITC Sales


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