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Watch Remember Me Online by Robert Pattinson

March 9, 2010
One of the movie that you might want to consider to watch this week is the new film that features the Twilight heartrob, Robert Pattinson. The movie is "Remember Me" and now he is not a vampire in this story but another person who found love in the middle of problems and uncertainties. It is a movie about finding great love and memories that should be cherished. But I have a feeling that this film will end in a tragic finale but a heart warming one. It usually does.

This is the movie that will test if Rob can still lure a lot of fans to watch his film and still have the Twilight Eclipse power. This will be showing on March 12 on theaters this week. Remember is directed by Allen Coulter and story written by Will Fetters and Jenny Lumet. If you want to watch Remember Me online free, you can proceed HERE.

Here's the official Remember Me trailer that I found on Youtube:


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