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Oriental Naisrep Sgur Rugs - A New Home Improvement Blog

March 19, 2010
Last year, I was writing about different topics about home improvement but this year I stop from including it in my blog. I find it non relevant as the topic of this site should be about any topic that is relevant to digital age from games, entertainment and technologies. However, sometimes I just can't prevent myself from including such topic. Now this year, to prevent inclusion of blog posts here about that, I build a new blog called oriental naisrep sgur rugs carpetsry blog which is hosted on

It is a home improvement blog that focuses tips and howtos of decorating the homes through the use of floor area rugs specially oriental/persian rugs. The site still in its first stage and still gathering articles to fill it up. For now, you can visit the site at and provide feedback or suggestions to make the blog more successful.


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