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What to Watch This Sunday Night 7/17/2011?

July 17, 2011
You might be staying light night this Sunday of July 17, 2011 and you surely don't want to miss the following TV shows that airs every Sunday.

  1. True Blood season 4 episode 4 which got a title of "I'm Alive and On Fire" which surround with Sookie being helped by Alcide to hunt Eric who recently bitten Sookie's fairy god mother to death. What will happen next with Jason? Is it the end of the line for him? Well watch True Blood to find out.
  2. Glee Project episode 5 which is entitled "Pairability" where future Glee cast contenders are competing for a slot on the said musical TV show. This Sunday they will be tested on how they will blend with other by performing with a partner in a duet performance. 
Well there's a lot of TV series to watch this Sunday and I guess you will surely miss some of them but don't worry there's a website that can let you watch TV series replay anytime you want it and I am referring to TELEPISODES.NET a online portal of different information about TV series and movies.


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