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Where to Watch Philippine Azkals vs. Kuwait Al-Azraq Game 1 on July 23, 2011?

July 23, 2011
If you are a fan of the Philippine Azkals and/or Kuwait Al-Azraq and highly anticipating their first game this Saturday of July 23, 2011 then you might want to watch the first game of Azkals vs. Kuwait where the Philippine Akalz is considered to be the underdog of this match-up. Why? Well, Kuwait is known to be the top seeded and one of the most aggressive team in Asian qualifying today. Their offenses are quite impressive that it will be very difficult for Weiss team to counter.

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Even the Azkals are the crowd's favorite in the country still, there's a big chance that their meet up with Kuwait is their last field to play as they will not move to the next round if they will be beaten on this game. If you want to watch this amazing soccer / football game then you might want to check out the schedule of airing of this at ABS-CBN Sports and ABS-CBN.

According to news, it will be televised live on ABS-CBN Sports at 11:30pm of July 23, 2011 and will be replayed on ABS-CBN in the following morning. After the match-up, they will play again in Rizal Memorial Stadium in the Philippines on July 28, 2011.

My prediction of this match? It will be a big lost for the AZKALS and end of the line for them specially that two of their big defense players are currently suspended it will be very difficult for them to counter the raging kicks and goals of the Al-Azraq. But I am still hoping that they might have a chance to get lucky and neutralize them - I am just crossing my finger right now! -


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