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Watch Teen Wolf Season 1 Finale this Monday Night!

August 15, 2011
Teen Wolf season 1 episode 12 will be airing this Monday night (Tuesday in some part of Asia) and it will be the season finale of the MTV Teen Wolf series. The only description given by some sites regarding the current episode is that Scott will be dealing with the issues regarding the hunters - werewolves war. A spoiler even revealed on the web that someone will be meeting death and the fans are dying in guessing who's gonna be.

Watch this Teen Wolf finale promo trailer and you might have an idea on who will meet a seems to be an inevitable demise.

Will it be Allison or Stiles, Scott's best friend or love of his life? You watch Teen Wolf season 1 finale and find out who! Where? Well check out or, they seems to be updated on this kind of episodes.


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