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Watching True Blood "Run" Episode and Glee Project Finale This Sunday!

August 21, 2011
I got nothing to do tonight but to wait for the airing of True Blood season 4 episode 9 with an episode title of "Run." The relationship of Sookie, Bill and Eric is becoming complicated specially that Sookie begin to fall on Eric. Aside from this other casts of the series got their own dilemma too such as Lafayette trying to get rid of the spirit that keeps on trying to take him over. Well, Sunday is just best specially if True Blood is on air.

Another show that will surely bring color to Sunday night is the season finale of The Glee Project which purpose is to find the next Glee cast. The Glee Project season 1 episode 10 is entitled "Glee-ality" which will feature the announcement of who among the remaining performers will make their dreams come true. Some fans favorite is Damian to be the winner for this event but of course some others don't think that way. Well, let us watch the show and find out who will really be given the chance to be part of the NEW HORIZON of Glee series.


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